"Make career with
AKE Knebel!"

- Anja Häfner

Head of HR

Join the big AKE family

Working at AKE, one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of circular saw blades and milling tools is anything but dull routine. The challenge now is to venture the NEW – having faith in one’s own competence. In this way AKE has become the benchmark of the trade by which many others are guided. The award as one of the most innovative companies among Germany’s small to mid-sized enterprises confirms that this striving for innovation does not exist in name only, but it is actually lived practise. AKE gets 28th place on the TOP 50 list of the most innovative small and mid-sized enterprises in Germany – selected from 3.300 companies.

Do you, too, want to be part of this large AKE family? Do you want to get things moving in an innovative work environment?  If so, we are pleased to offer you a long-term prospect in an internationally active familiy-run business, a pleasant working atmosphere with opportunities for your personal advancement.

Reasons why YOU should NOW…

  • Flat hierarchical level
  • Varied tasks in close cooperation with committed colleagues
  • Our company is driven by innovation and constantly seeking new challenges
  • Workplace safety is important to us – this is why our staff members get, among other things, their individual ear protection

… apply for a job with us!

  • We offer the possibility to make use of deferred compensation by means of a 15 % grant on the part of the employer
  • For the lunch break you can order your meal in our staff restaurant
  • There is free mineral water all year round