Machining area: Aluminium

Video review of the AMB 2016

At the end of September, AKE presented itself at the industrial
fair for metal - the “AMB” in Stuttgart. Join us at the current video
review of our successful fair appearance and get valuable details
on our highlight products for aluminum and metal processing.
Have fun watching the film – your AKE-Team.

Machining non-ferrous metals

Our aluminium range provides you with increased cost-effectiveness
for your sawing applications.

Our product range includes tools for aluminium
panel sizing and mitre saw cuts as well as for finish cutting
in profiles and solid material.

Benefits for you:

► Optimised design
     High running stability, low vibration, reduced noise

► Improved carbide
     Optimised tool life

► Increased cost-effectiveness
     Optimum material yield thanks to thin cutting widths
     Reduced set-up and tool costs thanks to improved  tool life

AKE Aluminium programme

Bombastic for aluminium machining

The Bombastic circular saw blade has been specially developed for cutting non-ferrous metals to length, and substantially reduces costs. It eliminates the need to carry out deburring after cutting, particularly when cutting aluminium profiles.

Benefits for you with Bombastic:

 Exceptionally burr-free cutting surfaces
    – Best possible cutting action on your end product thanks to
       specially ground tooth geometry

 Low vibrations 
    – Longer tool life thanks to smooth running  
    – Better cutting quality

Reduces costs for reworking

    – Eliminates the need for deburring after cutting     
    – Reduced throughput times

DIAMOND circular saw blades

We offer custom-made diamond-tipped circular saw blades for high tensile
aluminium alloys (high silicon content).


 New manufacturing technology

 Up to 50 times longer tool life

AKE circular saw blades