SuperSilent – The Glory of Silence

The multi-award winning SuperSilent is the show-case product made by AKE.

When sawing this saw blade produces mere crumps rather than chips. Immediately after cutting these will be guided to the innovative ChipBelt – the slightly stepped edge area to which the crumps are ejected, thus leaving sufficient clearance for the precisely cutting diamond tips. You – as well as your staff members – benefit from numerous advantages.
With this circular saw blade you can cut all types of wood-based materials such as chip board, MDF or plywood durably – even if they are coated.

Moreover, the further developed tooth geometry, termed MicroGeo® increases work safety enormously. Injuries are minimized due to almost rebound-free work.

The diamond-tipped teeth ensure a much longer tool life. The costs per cut will therefore be particularly favourable and this circular saw blade can be re-sharpened twice.

Hear and feel…

  • 20dB reduced noise level
    75 % reduction of loudness possible
    99% acoustic intensity
    Revolutionary: as quiet as a vacuum cleaner
  • Distinctly reduced risk of injuries thanks to MicroGeo®
    Sharp and safe.
    Hardly any cutting pressure.
    Safe @ WORK® by AKE

… see and marvel

  • The universal tool
    Extremely easy-cutting
    Cuts simply everything
    Brilliant cut
  • Long tool life
    Low cost per cut
    Extremely efficient
  • Lasts forever*

* compared to carbide-tipped or untipped saw blades

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