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Row wood industry

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- Stefan Holtmeyer

Past experience for a promising future

Wood is the oldest building material in the world. And the building material of the future. Not only is wood a sustainable product and its use a contribution to climate protection, it is also surprisingly versatile, such as fuel or in the home. For a building material with huge future potential, we offer the appropriate tool to take your work to the next level.

With our circular saw blades we support you in the most diverse processing steps in solid wood processing.

Saw blades with….

… oxide coating
The special coating offers you the following advantages:

  • Low resinification
  • Less friction on the body
  • Longer service life

Easy cleaning

… chrome coating in different thicknesses
For particularly demanding tasks, the chrome coating offers the following advantages:

  • Low resinification
  • Significantly less friction on the body
  • There is hardly any loss of tension when the wood stays in the sawing machine
  • Longer service life
  • Thinner kerfs possible

Significantly easier cleaning

… multilayer tooth coating for Type 8620
As a perfection, we also offer the multilayer tooth coating for an even better complete package

  • Less gumming
  • Significantly longer service life and feed rates for dry wood



Saw blade

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