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Plastics industry

"The detail
makes the difference

- Stefan Weckenmann


Highest quality for industrial processing

Plastic is one, if not the most versatile, material at all. In many areas it is impossible to imagine life without it. A worldwide annual turnover of over 800 billion euros shows how relevant plastics are today. For such a versatile and relevant material also become versatile tools are needed, which withstand the different porperties of plastic. With AKE you will find exactly these products.

We do not leave our customers alone with a product. Highest satisfaction is achieved through intensive communication and a resulting deep understanding for each other. The endeavor to always give the best for the customer and to always be one step ahead is expressed in “Cutting & Better”. For customers, that means “feel better” and “be better” with AKE.

We offer them…

  • Finish cut
    The cut surfaces do not require additional post-processing, so this complete step is not necessary for you.
  • Cut surface thermally unloaded
    The heat is dissipated via the chip, whereby the workpiece does not stick.

including the following advantages:

  • Tear-free edges
    Exit edges without breakouts
  • Individual coordination of tooth shape and number of teeth
    Optimum saw blade design for the right application. The machine equipment is important for good cutting results. We take care of that.



Saw blade

Diamond 7024 | 7021

Saw blade

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