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Panel sizing saw blades 2.0

"With AKE our customer´s benefits
are maximum quality and
extreme tool life!"

- Marco Campana

The panel sizing saw blades 2.0 –
Their economic efficiency ranks first


If you are looking for a high-performance circular saw blade – this is where you find it!  Compared to conventional circular saw blades the service life of the panel sizing saw blade 2.0 is up to 70% longer,  but the loudness is up to 50% lower.  On top of that the thin-kerf version scores with a reduced power consumption, reduced amount of chips and less waste.
It is suitable for universal application in all coated wood-based materials (chip board, MDF, Multiplex and HPL) and ideally tailored to the daily material mix. The outstanding finish cut quality is confirmed by test partners  – the cutting quality had been rated „very good“ and „good“ by 100 % of them.

The most outstanding feature:  the overall cost (purchase cost + sharpening cost) are up to 35 % lower compared to competing products.

Your advantages can be…

  • Universal application
  • Long service life

… summarised as follows:

  • Finish-cut quality
  • Clearly lower overall cost

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