LIGNA 2019

AKE Cutting 2.0 – The Success Story Moves On

The time has come again. The LIGNA fair in Hannover is just around the corner. The world’s leading trade fair for tools, machines and plants for woodworking and wood processing is again opening the doors from 27th to 31st May, 2019, for 1.500 exhibitors and 93.000 visitors. Among the exhibitors AKE presents their latest and most innovative tooling solutions. The focus of AKE is on the award-winning Cutting 2.0 Technology, which has been established successfully in the market since 2013 and found the approval of an ever increasing number of users. In the course of the last few years the extraordinary cutting principle had successfully been transferred from the saw blade to most diverse cutting tools. In 2019 interested visitors can look forward to new further developments.
Cutting 2.0 stands for the directed chip removal, which almost eliminates unwanted multiple chipping – the specific conception of the tools makes it possible. With the saw blade there is no longer the classical gullet. Immediately after cutting the chip is purposefully guided to the specific area of the blade’s stepped body, the so-called ChipBelt® and carried off. The chips of the cutters are removed upward through the spiral chip channel. They can thus be removed from the material immediately after cutting without the risk of being cut again.

At the LIGNA 2017 the multifaceted customer benefit and practicability of this technology had already been proved on the basis of the positive experiences of renowned customers and machine manufacturers such as IKEA Industry, BIESSE and fm Büromöbel. Another convinced user of 2.0 is the company of König + Neurath, one of the most successful suppliers of office furniture and space solutions, based in Karben. Among other tools König + Neurath is applying the AKE panel sizing 2.0 blade on their HPS 320 flextec of Homag. In terms of running meters, number of cuts and cutting volume they experience significant increases compared to the tools of other manufacturers. They changed to DP-tipped 2.0 circular saw blades only recently and expect to achieve an even higher increase in terms of tool life.
The positive experiences with Cutting 2.0, both nationally and internationally, are evidence of the excellent acceptance and outstanding advantages of this innovative technology. The 2.0 product family is therefore constantly expanded. The latest developments of 2.0 will initially be presented on the occasion of the LIGNA 2019. All interested parties as well as visitors to the fair can look forward to it.
The current Cutting 2.0 product family consists of:

• Panel Sizing Saw Blade 2.0
• DP Jointing Cutter 2.0 (optionally in Harmony)
• DP Shank Cutter 2.0 (optionally in Harmony)
• SuperSilent

The advantages of Cutting 2.0, of which the users benefit every day during their application, are intriguing. Thanks to the universal application brilliant cutting results can be achieved even in particularly demanding types of material. At the same time tedious tool changes can be reduced considerably due to the huge variety of materials. Another big advantage is the long tool life with simultaneously reduced processing costs. Apart from the economic aspects the users also benefit from an ergonomical point of view by means of the considerable reduction of noise and dust.
The Cutting 2.0 product family is rounded out by the HP clamping system which combines the advantages of various different clamping systems. It stands out due to an improved run-out accuracy, slim design and easy mounting. Compared to conventional clamping systems it ensures that improved processing results can be achieved.