LIGNA 2019 –
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AKE on course for further success with Cutting 2.0 on the LIGNA

With her innovative 2.0 technology AKE is on course for further success. This is confirmed by the positive feedback from customers and the 2.0 product family is thus continually extended. It is therefore not surprising that the focus of the AKE exhibition stand on the LIGNA was on a variety of tools with 2.0 background. The advantages of the 2.0 technology and the latest extensions had this year been presented in the AKE InnovationCenter.
Whether industry, craft or trade, AKE is offering added values for everybody by means of the high-quality comprehensive range of tools. These added values could literally and first hand be experienced in the InnovationCenter. In the IC visitors could pass through the areas MARVELLING, SEEING and TESTING. In the MARVELLING area different 2.0 tools with the matching cutting samples could be scrutinised. 2.0 stands for preventing multiple chipping which provides much better processing results and clearly longer service lives. The exhibits were: the jointing cutter and shank cutter 2.0, both in conventional design and in Harmony design, the panel sizing saw blade 2.0 and the SuperSilent. SEEING: This is where visitors could delve into a VR world. They could watch short films of customers who shared their experiences with the 2.0 technology. The visitors could choose between several machines for wood processing and get enthusiastic about the unique advantages of the tools applied on the respective machines. Those who could not visit the AKE stand have the possibility to watch the VR world in the „AKE VR-World“-App afterwards. This App is available in the AppStore and Google Play Store. TESTING: In this last area the HP clamping system, which combines the advantages of different clamping systems, could be tested. Visitors could thus get an idea of the easy tool change and convince themselves of many additional advantages.
The positive experiences with Cutting 2.0 both nationally and internationally are evidence of the great acceptance and considerable advantages of this innovative technology. The 2.0 product family is therefore extended continually. Among the latest developments in 2.0 is the extension of the panel sizing programme. With 70 new and altogether almost 100 items AKE is now offering a brand new, very extensive panel sizing programme based on the 2.0 technology. In the catalogue 2019+ this chapter has a completely new logic. An optimised type conception ensures, that the user finds his required tool quickly and easily. The thin-kerf versions are now to be found under a separate heading as well.

Main blades – standard version
• 2.0024 (Ø 280 – 520) for sizing and finish cut
• 2.0024B (Ø 521 – 730) for sizing cut
Main blades – thin-kerf version
• 2.0024C (Ø 300 – 430) for sizing and finish cut. Maximum material and power savings.

Moreover, the scorers had been allocated. The user now recognises at a glance which main blade and which scorer matches a machine optimally. Another advantage: The complete panel sizing programme is tapio-ready, which means it will, in future, be possible to import the items into the tapio ecosystem via barcode.
In this context, not only the huge 2.0 panel sizing programme had been re-structured, but the whole industrial range. The new catalogue 2019+ with a new design is now even more user friendly and provides solutions for each application with more than 4,500 precision tools. The new product range The new product range is completed with the new, perfectly adjusted packaging and labelling concept. The special feature of this new concept is the clearly stated product information and technical data by means of which AKE sets new standards in the market.
With the recently extended blueline-product range AKE offers high-quality tooling solutions for craftsmen and ambitious DIY users at a particularly favourable price/performance ratio.
Another novelty is the new AKE website. The visitor has the possibility to inform himself intuitively about the products and solutions for his industry and application. The News area informs at a glance about the most important novelty.

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