Panel sizing saw blade 2.0 – universal, improved tool life, finish cut quality

The next generation of panel machining

The new High-performance panel sizing saw blade with Cutting 2.0 Technology
provides the best possible finish cut quality in universal material usage and with
long service life.

Customers' experiences with this new saw blade have been purely positive. In the
field test performed in various industrial companies throughout Europe, tool life
increases of up to 70% were achieved.
The finished cutting quality was rated either
"very good" or "good" by all testers. Noise emissions were reduced by 10 dB (A),
which corresponds to a noise reduction of 50%. The same saw blade was able to
cut through a mixture of materials, including chipboard, MDF, plywood and HPL,
just as reliably and cleanly as it would cut any material in individual machining.

At the end of the tool life, the panel sizing saw blade 2.0 has shown these results:
Total costs 35% lower compared to circular saw blades of other manufacturers.
Energy saving effects not included. Thin-kerf version: -25% power consumption and
-25% material usage.

The innovative Panel sizing saw blade 2.0 is now available in all standard dimensions.
A change to cutting 2.0 - without further adjustments of the machine
- is possible at anytime.

The cutting 2.0 saw with real added value

- Universal usage in all coated wood-based material

- Long Service life

- Finish cut quality


Cutting 2.0 – reinventing the saw

AKE has developed a completely new saw blade design for materials that
tend to produce crumbling chips, with no (!) conventional chip gullet. In addition, a tooth has been
developed that is specially designed for this different cutting process.
It has an extremely minimal design, focussed entirely on the
cutting task at hand – and therefore on producing chips and transporting them away.
AKE calls this method of cutting edge design "MicroGeo".

As soon as chips leave the cutting edge, they are immediately and precisely directed into
flank faces positioned laterally in the basic body of the saw blade,
where they can release their tension without rubbing excessively
against the lateral flank faces. AKE has coined the term "ChipBelt®" for this alternative chip gullet,
as it is positioned along the circumference of the basic body on both sides, like a belt.

The benefits for you with the panel sizing saw blade 2.0

-  Increase of tool life by up to 70%

-  Total costs 35% lower compared to circular saw blades

-  Reduction of loudness by 50%

-  Thin-kerf version: 25% power consumption, -25% material usage

Best finsh-cut Quality (= 100% of the test partners rating the cutting quality

-  Universal usage in all coated wood-based material
    (= optimally tailored for the daily mix of materials)

Incredible range of materials

-  Application: Finish cutting with high tool life
-  Machine: Horizontal panel sizing system with scoring unit
-  Materials: Plastic-coated and foil-coated wood materials

Functional principle and versions

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