AKE collet chucks and accessories

The HP clamping system – the high-performance alternative

The HP collet chuck from AKE bridges the gap between the flexible collet chucks and high-precision but inflexible shrink chucks used previously. This is possible thanks to an innovative new clamping nut that does not use a ball bearing, in conjunction with a fixed union nut. This provides a significant overall reduction in wear.

Many operators want a cost-effective, variable and nevertheless easy-to-use solution for this purpose. AKE has responded to this demand. Initial market analysis showed that there were no products available that could cover the full range of these requirements. The AKE experts therefore decided to develop their own solution to ensure efficient tooling systems. The result is a durable new high-precision clamping system.

With this system, the concentricity and feed problems due to damaged ball bearings associated with standard collet chucks are a thing of the past. The AKE HP chuck can achieve a sustainable concentricity of approx. 0.008 mm. Even though its design does not include a union nut with ball bearing, this chuck can be used for both clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation. This feat is possible thanks to the positive-locking design of the new intake nut.

There is nothing preventing operators from using standard collets (type 462E) at the same time, providing enormous benefits in terms of costs and variability.

The AKE engineers were also able to significantly reduce the diameter, from 63 mm down to 53 mm. The smaller interference contour provides significant advantages in many cases, especially as the new HP generation is also suitable for use at speeds of up to 24,000 rpm.

HP chuck with Masterclamp – a strong team

The new HP clamping system provides consistently impressive
benefits that can be used effectively: Approx. 40% higher holding
force and far better centric clamping provide feed performance
increases of up to 30%. These values are the results of in-house
testing comparing the HP clamping system to standard
collet chucks.

In conjunction with the Masterclamp assembly device, AKE is now
offering an easy-to-use, high-precision clamping system that can
clearly accommodate increased requirements in terms of precision
and balance class.

The assembly video to the right demonstrates how easy it is
to use the Masterclamp in day-to-day work.

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