Bombastic – Synonymous with excellent cutting action

With the Bombastic, you can forget about needing to carry out further machining after cutting. This extraordinary circular saw blade is available in a variety of designs, each specially developed for use in plastic machining or for cutting aluminium profiles to length.

Bombastic for aluminium machining

The Bombastic circular saw blade has been specially developed for cutting non-ferrous metals to length, and substantially reduces costs. It eliminates the need to carry out deburring after cutting, particularly when cutting aluminium profiles.

Benefits for you with Bombastic:

 Exceptionally burr-free cutting surfaces
    – Best possible cutting action on your end product thanks to
       specially ground tooth geometry

 Low vibrations 
    – Longer tool life thanks to smooth running  
    – Better cutting quality

Reduces costs for reworking

    – Eliminates the need for deburring after cutting     
    – Reduced throughput times

Bombastic for plastic machining

Applications involving machining thermoplastics such as PC
and PMMA are where Bombastic can be used to its full
potential. Tools used for plastic machining need to meet
the following challenges:

 Plastic is extremely sensitive to heat and therefore
    tends to adhere to tools

 Most individual plastic panels are extremely thin

The material is extremely difficult to machine and
    highly abrasive

Quality criteria – Benefits for you with Bombastic:

 Finish cutting
    – Cutting surfaces that do not require reworking

 Cutting surfaces not subjected to thermal loads
    – Heat needs to be dissipated via the chips
    – No adhesion

 Tear-free edges
– No fractures on the trailing edge
   – Saw blade design
   – Machine equipment is important for ensuring good
      cutting results

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