blackline PCD milling tools – high-quality and cost-effective

Diamond technology – cost-effectiveness from AKE.

Designed specifically for formatting, grooving and joining coated and
uncoated panel materials as well as thermoset plastics.
Very attractive price-performance ratio. 

The "blackline" end mill tipped with diamond cutting edges offers an
astonishingly good entry-level price for diamond tools in CNC machining,
without sacrificing quality. It also features impressive
tool life and can even be resharpened. The tough basic body
ensures that the tool is break-resistant, even at small diameters.

The milling cutters in the blackline range are available in the Z1 version
with diameters of 8 to 20 mm and in the Z2 version with diameters of
16 to 20 mm, both available with PCD drilling edges.

Benefits for you with blackline:

PCD drilling edges for improved tool life when carrying out
    grooving and drilling.

Higher PCD tips to enable more milling distance and an
    additional sharpening

Tougher basic body, even at small diameters of 8 mm or above, 
     making the tool highly break-resistant.


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                                            You can find our blackline milling cutters 
                                            from page 348 onwards in our complete catalogue.