Harmony – outstanding results may be taken for granted

Harmony milling tools are characterised by their extremely large axial angle. They are ideally suited for all machines and materials such as wood-based panels  (with and without coating), chip boards with low density and solid wood applied in contemporary furniture industry.


The Harmony range has been designed to suit the requirements of laser edge treatment technology.


Moreover, you profit from an excellent surface due to the „pulling cut“,  as the material is being removed very gently. The low cutting pressure ensures smooth running and a low noise exposure.

Based on the interaction between axial angle and hook angle there is no multiple chipping and the chip is carried off directly, because the gullet is positioned just behind the knife and the chip can be removed immediately after forming. This means for you: longer service life compared to standard cutters, less re-work and higher economic efficiency.

Our Harmony tools create…

  • Suitable for all conventional machines
  • Large material variety
  • Excellent quality even in materials which are difficult to machine

… harmony at work

  • Reduced noise exposure
  • Much longer service life
  • Higher economic efficiency

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