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Entry Level

"Give youself the kick
- career kick!"

- Frank Uhl

Training manager

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The first step into working life is particularly important. It is important to find the right “partner” who takes the trainees and your education seriously.

We enable you a diversified education, in which you can contribute your personal abilities and interests and thus you contribute to our common success from the first day. Grab your chance at AKE. We look forward to dedicated and motivated apprentices and students

the Dual University (DH), who want to actively shape your future!

Exciting tasks and good prospects await you here. Become part of the big AKE family!

Industrial technical training


At the location in Balingen

In our own training workshop we teach you basic skills during the first year of training, such as scribing, lowering and turning. With this basic knowledge, you will then be actively involved in our production in the second year of apprenticeship. There you will learn the entire production process, from the soldering of the carbide teeth to the final inspection.

Commercial education

At the location in Balingen / Rietberg

As a trainee at AKE, you will get to know the large spectrum of a medium-sized industrial company. You pass through all our departments, both commercial and technical. You actively participate in the distribution of our tools, you procure the required raw materials in the purchase or book the incoming payments of our customers. In addition, the technical background of our tools, such as: As the construction of our circular saw blades or cutters.

Dual study


At the location in Balingen

As a DH student at AKE, you will get to know the large spectrum of a medium-sized industrial company. You work actively in day-to-day business and support us in cross-departmental projects. Due to the international orientation and the comprehensive training, in both classical specialist departments as well as in special technical areas, you have the best career prospects.

Training occupations at AKE: