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Bombastic | Plastic industry

Bombastic/0020 – Make sure you will always see through

Based on our optimised tooth geometry you profit from almost burr-free cutting edges, low-vibration work and thus very little to no re-work at all. With transparent plastic the cutting edges are glass-clear – mind you, with little up to no re-work. The circular saw blade is designed for horizontal panel dividing machines and particularly suitable for thermoplastic material with visible edge. Among others these are, for example, such materials as polycarbonate (PC) und polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA).

There are two different of type 0020…

  • Typ A: for thin-walled thermoplastic material with low tensile strengh of max. 50-60 N/mm²
  • Typ C: for packs of thermoplastic material with a tensile strength of  >50 N/mm²

… for processing thermoplastic material

  • Finish cut in homogenous material
    Almost burr-free cutting edges and glass-clear surfaces – no time-consuming re-work on edges and cutting surfaces
  • Low vibration
    Due to the smooth run you profit from the high precision and thus high cutting quality

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