AKE brand portfolio

Your machines and our tools – for the best possible results!

For more than 40 years, A|K|E has stood for experience in working with demanding materials for wood machining. Our customers value our specialisation and precise understanding of their needs.

This understanding forms the basis for the A|K|E brand portfolio, which ensures that all of our customers always benefit from the highest level of quality, for any requirements.

AKE – cutting & better

This stands for our range of high-quality industrial tools for machining wood, plastic and aluminium. Our product range includes circular saw blades, cutting machines, milling tools, drills, blades, clamping systems and diamond tools.
We provide more than just cutting tools. Our mission is to be better, so that our customers can be better. Together, we can find better solutions, define better service and benefit from the best possible quality.

Wagner by AKE

The brand for industrial metal sawing applications.
These circular saw blades provide maximum performance, guaranteeing our customers maximum cost-effectiveness for their production processes.
Cut through steel, non-ferrous metals and composite materials with a circular saw blade custom-built for you.

WAGNER by A|K|E at a glance:

  • Carbide-tipped high-quality saw blades for cutting steel and non-ferrous metals
  • Precision circular saw blades
  • Segmental circular saw blades with optimally heat-treated HSS segments
  • Solid steel circular saw blades
  • Band saw blades

blueline by AKE

The brand for tradespeople and demanding DIY applications. This brand offers a high-quality range of tools at an attractive price.

Perfect. Economic. blueline – Best Price German Technology
For more than 50 years, A|K|E has stood for quality tools for industrial use. With our blueline range, tradespeople and ambitious DIY enthusiasts can now also benefit from our extensive experience with demanding tools.